Victor Jabbour

Photographer / Instructor

The human experience is dynamic, unique and wholly unpredictable – it’s an exciting challenge to explore it through photography.

An avid supporter of disseminating photo knowledge, I provide photography courses, workshops and share weekly photo advice through the blog, for aspiring photo enthusiasts.

I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years. I have travelled to many far away places, created a lot of still and moving pictures for myself and others. And I’ve made it my life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I endeavor.

Exotic locations have always attracted me to go explore, and cherish unique moments through photography. You will always find me shooting at odd times, and off-season; nature can be the wildest at these times, yet presenting you with the best opportunities.

I've also been a photography teacher for most of this time, helping amateurs and advanced photographers alike through specialized classes & workshops. My students say what they appreciate most is my focus on practical education and my ability to communicate photographic concepts in simple ways that make common sense. My style is to cut through the trends and techno-speak and get down to the basics of what really matters – helping you take technically sound photos and capturing the kind of photographs that YOU really want to take.


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