Adobe Lightroom Training



Retouch like a Pro.

This course will set you up to learn and use the features and tools of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

We will explain all the inside outs of digital processing and retouching techniques from importing and cataloguing your photos to making image adjustments with the powerful RAW processing capabilities. This course not only teaches you “how and when” to apply your retouching tools but also develop your creative eye to better understand what needs to be enhanced in the first place. You will be working on a selection of photograph learning how to apply your digital workflow in a non-destructive manner.

Course Structure


Introduction to Lightroom

Harness the power of image editing. Take full advantage of Adobe's latest Lightroom capabilities.

Lightroom folders.png

Library & Catalogues

Build your photography library. Lightroom's all powerful feature for setting up your folder structure and working with catalogues. Never lose track of your images from now on.

Lightroom import module.png

Importing & Keywording

Learn how import, organize and manage your photographs, through the use of metadata functions and keywording.


Advanced Features

Introduction to the new features in LR6/CC. Learn how to photo merge using HDR and panorama techniques.

Lightroom interface.png

Interface Overview

Get familiar with Adobe's LR interface and learn how each module can contribute to your digital workflow.

localized adjustments.png

Localized Adjustments

This part goes over the targeted adjustment tools within LR and deals with the aesthetics of your photographs. Details that will make or break your image!

general adjustments.png

General Adjustments

Develop module tools panel overview and demonstrations on how to use each tool for maximizing the punch in your images.

hdr & pano.png


Whether you plan uploading to social media or ordering large prints, learn how to optimize your photos through the export module.

Course Format

  • Duration: 6 hours / 2 sessions
  • 2 sessions - classroom instruction
  • Live editing and retouching

What You Need

  • Your laptop with a charger
  • Preloaded version of Lightroom
  • A mouse to use (optional)
  • A notebook


***** Very useful introductory course to Lightroom. It covers everything from setting up the basics of your workflow, up to exporting and printing your photos and all done through live examples. Also, course accommodates requests to specific needs. Totally worth it!
— George Touliatos
***** Course content was well presented and useful. Lots of good tips and workarounds for Lightroom editing. As an experienced photographer I still found the course enjoyable and challenging. It added much to my photography arsenal. Thank you and would definitely recommend to anyone.
— Grace Wilkinson
***** Following my beginners photography course with Victor, I decided to undertake the Adobe Lightroom one. Of course it was it proved to be a great idea as I got into the magic worl of post-processing and retouching my photos. Victor was always helpful and much willing to explain, implement and advise all the relevant techniques that your photo needs. This course was a brilliant investment for my photography.
— Kiriakos Skarpas