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Lighting techniques.

This course is the definitive guide for everything you need to know about studio lighting from the ground up.

We will demonstrate just how creative you can be using different lighting techniques, equipment and off-camera flash. You will further understand the difference between using standard lighting modifiers like umbrellas, grids and soft boxes. You will gain knowledge on everything you need to know about flash power, flash duration, sync speed, lighting styles and more.

Course Structure


Lighting equipment

Understanding studio lighting, accessories and a complete breakdown on the physical nature of light for studio photography.


Camera & flash settings

Learn the optimal settings for your camera’s Aperture, Shutter and ISO when shooting with studio lights. Complement this knowledge, with understanding how to confidently control your speedlights’ power and quality of light.


Types of portrait lighting

We breakdown the lighting setups into simple roles. Learn to differentiate between key light and fill light, hair light and background light.


High key VS low-key techniques

Controlling the light on your backgrounds for perfect clean whites or mysterious blacks.


On-Camera VS Off-camera flash

Getting better results from an on-camera flash using TTL mode and taking your photos to the next level with an external speedlight.


Types of light

Using only 1, 2, 3 or 4 lights & basic light modifiers. Once you truly understand light you’ll be able to take control of various modifiers, use reflectors and influence ambient light to bring your vision to life.


Light setups

Knowledge that will empower you and give you the confidence to replicate or modify lighting setups without any hesitation. Learn to shoot the Rembrandt, Butterfly, Split and Rim lighting techniques.

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Short VS broad light

Creating emotion by understanding the human visual response to light and the moods that light can convey.


Studio Lighting QAR 1,300

Course Format

  • Duration: 7 hours / 3 sessions

  • 2 sessions - presentation

  • 1 session - photoshoot with model

What You Need

  • Your DSLR camera

  • Kit or portrait lenses you own

  • Fully charged batteries

  • An empty memory card for your camera

  • A notebook

  • All studio lighting equipment will be provided